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VERTICAL MACHINING CENTER is a type of CNC Machine with the main spindle rotation in a vertical position. This VMC machine can work on all work processes including milling, drilling, boring, tapping, reaming, counter boring / shinking, surface contours, and so on. In this VMC engine spindle rotation, movement on 3 Axis (X, Y, Z Axis), additional 4th Axis rotary axis using servo motor and servo drive. With the help of a CNC controller, the spindle rotation, movement on each axis and tools stored on the automatic tool changer will work simultaneously following the program that has been prepared.

This VMC machine can produce complex workpieces, precision, efficient and fast working time, and help reduce production costs. This VMC machine is manufactured with the right casting technology to produce a quality body, supported by the structure of the body bed type, box way type slide table structure, good selection of spare parts, the right controller and closed cover, this VMC engine is able to operate very efficiently , comfortable, clean, and easy to maintain.

This VMC machine is very suitable for training in the world of education, the motor vehicle industry, workshops, agricultural industry, plastic industry, machinery engineering industry, and others.

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