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Pompa Kimia 32FS12
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Sell Pompa Kimia 32FS12

Specification of Pompa Kimia 32FS12

Sell Chemical Pump 32FS12
This FS series pump is a corrosive resistant plastic pump, mostly used for dispensing liquid chemicals such as acid, sulfur, nitric, hydrocloric, liquid caustic, acetic, phosporic, methanol, hydrofluoric, ammonia, and others. Advantages other than those mentioned earlier this chemical pump has a small size, lightweight and quality.

These pumps are used for industrial purposes, especially those that supply chemical liquids.

Voltage: 220 V
Power: 0.75kW / 1HP
Pipe: in 1.5 out 1.2
Flow: 6 meters
Head: 12 meters
Suction: 4 meters
Self Priming

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