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Cooling Panel Dindan Linear 1200w
Cooling Panel Dindan Linear 1200w
Cooling Panel Dindan Linear 1200w
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28 Jan 2019
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Specification of

1200w Linear Wall Panel Cooling

Dindan Technical for more than 20 years to design cooling units that help you get better performance in dispersing heat efficiently in industrial equipment.
With proper air flow management, you can increase the life of the equipment system and reduce the burden on various manufacturing systems at affordable costs.
Each type of cooling unit has been designed intelligently to produce full BTU. Compared to a blower system, the Dindan cooling system is far more economical, reliable and can be installed with adjustable settings.

Dindan Linear 1200 Watt is positioned as an alternative mid-range for a 24-hour cooling system that provides direct airflow, convenient maintenance with intelligent Hi-percent control and is able to maintain the desired temperature that is friendly in its users.
Equipped with coil evaporator, this unit is designed to achieve maximum efficiency while distributing cold air flow.
Dindan Linear 1200 Watt units are both eco-friendly and economical because they are supported by a hermetic compressor that uses high-quality 134a refrigerant pressure and a durable servo fan.
Dindan Linear 1200 Watt is suitable for server mainframes, light transformers, storage cabinets, electronic control boards and more.

Dindan Linear 1200 Watt Features:

1. Endurance to temperatures of up to 50 degrees.
2. Operate calmly and consume less power compared to air conditioning systems.
3. Slim enclosure 146mm made of slag-free material & resistant to chemical erosion in your factory floor environment.
4. The evaporator coil and condenser coil are designed for 24 hours of operation
5. Centrifugal condenser fans provide more effective energy saving capacity than other cooling units from the same BTU.
6. High efficiency for heat radiation, and able to maintain the temperature designed in the control box.
7. The controller temperature switching system is carried out quickly which does not cause damage to the compressor.
8. 19 mm screen with 2 color LED indicators to display temperature.
9. Light with a compact form factor that does not damage the cover of the control box.
10. Internal sensor to detect water levels that are too high to prevent water from leaking into the control box.
11. A tray that can be set for a water drainage system is provided.
12. In a dusty environment, regular vacuum cleaning can be easily done through vetilation of servo fans.

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