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Microscope Dino-Lite AM4113T-YFGW
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Specification of Microscope Dino-Lite AM4113T-YFGW

Dino-Lite Premier AM4113T-YFGW Digital Microscope

Dino-Lite Premier AM4113T-YFGW digital microscope is a unique microscope designed for 570nm filters and designed to monitor fluorescence or like PIP (orange fluorescence protein) and fluorescence like RFP (red fluorescence protein)). This makes it valid for research such as small visualization or blood vessels from microangiography. The image quality obtained with the Dino-Lite is compared or superior to some traditional fluorescence, but more to gain and maintain. It is equipped with a 1.3 megapixel sensor and uses a playback rate enlargement that allows up to 220x magnification depending on distance, a scroll lock feature to guarantee a certain desired distance, and the help of a strain cable (SR) opposite the Dino-Lite and USB Cable together for durability from pulls and bends. There is also white switchable light with the software needed to help in focus and location. Dino-Lite Premier AM4113T-YFGW provides affordable prices for researchers or users to monitor neon red specimens.

Find a fluorescent microscope to see or like red fluorescence like the RFP see with DsRed. Making research no longer becomes large, heavy, expensive or smooth as with traditional fluorescence microscopes. The way you use a fluorescence microscope with a small form factor and high sensitivity to low light.

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