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Mesin Pemotong Besi Bar Cutter
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Specification of Mesin Pemotong Besi Bar Cutter

Iron Cutting Machine

Bar Cutter GQ46 cutting tool steel cutter according to the desired size. In this project used Electric Cutter. The advantage of an electric bar cutter versus a manual cutter bar is that the electric cutter bar can cut the reinforcing steel with a large diameter and with a high enough steel quality, besides it can also shorten the processing time. Bar cutter Machine (cutting Iron Screw) Machine used to cut iron (Bar cutter). The capacity of the machine can operate for iron concrete or threaded Diameter 10 mm s / d 32 mm. The way a bar cutter works is that the steel to be cut is inserted into the Cutter gear, then the control pedal is grounded, and within seconds the reinforcing steel will be cut off. Cutting for reinforcing steel that has a large diameter done one by one. As for the steel diameter is smaller, cutting can be done several pieces at once in accordance with the capacity of the tool.

Bar Cutter GQ46 uses shafts, connection rods and blades made of high quality steel and 12mm external case thickness to ensure reliable performance under heavy work.


Cutting Speed10 - 32cut/min
Max. Cutting40mm
Motor Power4.0 kW, 3P
Motor Speed2880rpm

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