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Cutting machine
MEDIUM SPEED EDM WIRE CUT MACHINE is a cutting machine workpiece (stell, aluminum, bronze) according to the shape and dimensions that have been diprogam on the CNC controller mounted on the electrical panel of the machine. With the help of CNC controller then step motor on X and Y axis will move simultaneously according to prepared program. likewise with molybium wire will move back and forth with the flow and regulated electric current. the principle works when the wire moves near the workpiece then the voltage will increase so that the sparks arise sparks that cause erosion, with the help of liquid coolant then the erosion will be shaped fine - fine grain and will produce a smooth and precise surface on the cut workpiece. This machine is supported by quality tools such as: BMXP controller program, ball screw and linear from taiwan, Emerson inverter from USA, good body cast system and filler system which stratified on liquid coolant. This wire cut machine there are two models namely model 'F' and model 'C'. The 'C' model has a faster cutting speed and there is a servo motor that adjusts the voltage of the wire as desired.

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