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Specification of

Grinding Machine

Grinding Machine is one of the machine tools used to hone / cut or grind the workpiece with a specific purpose or need. The working principle of the grinding machine is a rotating grinding stone in contact with the workpiece resulting in the erosion, sharpening, grinding, or cutting.

Features :

- Hydraulic system is the professional brand with high stability.
- Grinding head moving up and down by way of spindle and high precision processing.
- Longitudinal turcite-coated guide ways guarantee flexible operation.
- Longitudinal travel of the working table use hydraulic driving, one guide way is “V”, the other one is flat way.
- The guide way of cross travel is double “V”. Use electromotion or manual motion driving.
- Auto feed realizing export contactless can be fit to feed and change direction frequently when manufacturing smaller workpiece with high dependability.
- Magnetizing and demagnetization controller realizing export contactless can be fit to magnetizing and damagnetic frequently, the time of demagnetization is short, avoid pulling and transfiguration of the electromagnetism chuck and workpiece.

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