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1. CY-SL series CNC lathes - strength, dynamic and static stiffness, mechanism of main parts, protective and cooling systems all progress in design. This lathe series, designed with high vibration strength, adopts the base of the place for high grade cast iron base parts, angled guides, high precision through spindle holes driven by AC motors. Important parts such as main shaft bearings and screws are all well-known foreign products.
2. This lathe is designed with a unique appearance, an easy-to-operate panel, a fully enclosed guard, which can prevent water, power and oil leakage effectively. This product is the strongest in its class because of its great strength, excellent accuracy, and high performance.
3. Construction of 45 slant beds guarantees strong turret support, high rigidity to extraction and efficient chip removal. Spindle has high accuracy and rigidity, How to manufacture high quality cast iron and hardened induction.
4. Independent spindles with imported V-belt brands, high-precision spindle bearings and high-speed grease ensure fast and stable engine start.
5. Linear rolling guides provide high feed speed, high precision, rigidity, and small friction.
6. Taiwan hydraulic towers or foreign servo towers are optional and all have high rigidity, high precision and reliable locking. Manual tailstock hydraulic locking is also optional.

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