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Air Compressor Meiji
Air Compressor Meiji
Air Compressor Meiji
Air Compressor Meiji
Air Compressor Meiji
Air Compressor Meiji
Air Compressor Meiji
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Specification of Air Compressor Meiji

GK Series

- Efficient, Economical and Dependable... One compressor, double the function. A single switch allows selection of either continuous or intermittent compressor operation, so there's no need to choose a compressor for just one particular application.

- When used in the intermittent operation mode, starting and stopping are smoother because the compressor stops and restarts after idle running in an unloaded state.

- The unloaded state of GK Series compressors during intermittent operation reduces oil consumption and significantly improves the durability of most parts, resulting in lower operating costs.

- Stopping in an unloaded state means there's no sudden sound of air discharge typical of conventional intermittent-operation compressors.

Specification :

Model No.Motor output Kw (ps)Operating pressureFree air delivery L/minRotating speed rpmModel No.Air tank capacity LAir outlet       dia. x qty. BApprox. Dimensions  L x W  x HNoise level dB (A)Weight (including motor)    kg
G-15CK1.5  (2)8-10160975GNO - 2C71G¼ x 11,130x394x7587398
G-22CK2. 2 (3)8-10240985GNO - 3C80G¼ x 21,227x394x77074115
GK-373.7 (5)8-10430950BT - 37120G¼ x 1, Rc½ x 11,378x425x890183
GK-55C5.5 (7.5)8-10660910BT - 55C1501,395x500x1,06576268
GK-75C7.5 (10)8-10840870BT - 75C240G¼ x 1, Rc ¾ x 11,560x600x1,150318
GK-110C11 (15)8-101,36945BT - 110C260G¼ x 1, Rc1 x 11,660x620x1,23478426
GK-150C15 (20)8-101,661,05BT - 150 CP2601,660x620x1,24280466

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