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PT. Cahaya Surya Usaha Mandiri Sell Mini Excavators, the function of mini excavators is the same as excavators in general, only has a smaller size so it is more suitable for minor dredging activities, such as sewers, cable lines, digging residential buildings, as well as rental services.

Mini excavators have one motion arm that uses four hydraulic motion systems and equipped with a small volume bucket. This arm can move vertically almost 360º. The source of the dredging power of mini excavators comes from the hydraulics it has, and the strength of the dredges that can be released can reach 37.8 kN (kilonewton) or almost 4 tons.

We sell various mini excavators that you can choose according to your needs. We will offer the best prices to each of our loyal customers.

Mini Excavators are small and light enough to be transported quickly to the construction site. However, it is not too small to master. In fact, advances in hydraulic systems make several mini excavators outperform larger construction machines. Some examples of mini excavators are Bobcat E32i Compact Excavators, MiniZar Mini Excavators ViO17 and John Deere 50G Compact Excavators.

There are other advantages for the small size and low weight of the Mini Excavator. Both of these qualities mean that such excavators are compact enough to maneuver in a limited area and are light enough to only minimize damage to the landscape. For example, the Zero Tail Swing (ZTS) Mini Excavator has a house that does not hang its rails and therefore allows 360-degree rotation without a taxi crashing into a barrier.

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